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    National Honor Society
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    Mrs. Toby Kaplan Mrs. Beverly Forline
     tkaplan@burlcoschools.org  bforline@burlcoschools.org 
     Room D200 School Counseling Office 


    Cause: The National Honor Society is an organization with the purpose to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in the students of BCIT Medford Campus.


    Membership: By invitation only. Students in their junior or senior year with a 3.6 GPA or higher will be invited to attend a meeting in which the application and the selection process will be explained. In the application, students need to demonstrate outstanding performance in: Leadership (example: hold an office in a club), Service (community service in and out of school), and Character (essay and discipline points).


    Current Member Requirements: New members are required to complete five (5) hours of National Honor Society activitiesper school year. Existing members are required to complete ten (10) hours of National Honor Society activities per school year.


    Events: Students will work on a variety of community service projects in school. Such projects may include: peer tutoring during lunch, delivering the morning announcements, act as diplomats at school and county functions, being active participants in graduation ceremonies, and various efforts to make a positive contribution to the school community.


    Meetings: During Activity Periods, and before or after school hours.