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    Sign Language Spoken Here

    Position: Teacher of American Sign Language
    Background: MSEd Foreign Language Pedagogy 
    Teaching Philosophy: This language course introduces students to American Sign Language (ASL) as a World Language.  Students will develop expressive and receptive skills in ASL to be used at a conversational level.  At the end of this course, they will be able to hold simple conversations about themselves, others, and activities in which they are involved.  Students will also study Deaf culture and how it impacts the local, national and international Deaf communities and those individuals who make up that community.  Language entails much more than just the learning of signs or words.  My aim is to lead my students to experience the Deaf American culture and a language that is so unlike their own.   Delve into the Deaf World...and WELCOME to ASL!!
    Additional Info: Please refer to my Google Classroom and Edmodo classrooms for any information related to the class.  Information on how to log in to either Google Classroom or Edmodo will be provided to students at the start of the course.