• Dr. Todd G. Bonsall - Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
    Email:         tbonsall@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:        609-267-4226 x2203 
    Jackie Brownell - District Supervisor of Instruction - Humanities
    Email:          jbrownell@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:         609-267-4226 x8278
    Danielle Hartman - District Supervisor of Instruction - STEM
    Email:         dhartman@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:        609-267-4226 x8294
    Jessica Rista - District Mathematics Specialist
    Email:         jrista@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:        609-267-4226 x8685
    Kate Geib - Data Coordinator
    Email:         cgeib@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:           609-267-4226 x8279
    Nereida Mack - Secretary to Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
    Email:             nmack@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:            609-267-4226 x2204 
    Kerri Waldis - Secretary
    Email:         kwaldis@burlcoschools.org
    Phone:      609-267-4226