Entertainment Technologies 

    Teacher:  Mrs. Sprague

    What I'm Excited About:  

    • My work experience and education bring me into the classroom, but most importantly I enjoy and believe in what I do.
    • I want the kids to be creative and productive—but overall I want them to enjoy their career major as they work side by in our audio and TV studios.
    • This career major is their first step towards college and a future in a field that’s competitive and constantly changing.

    What Is Our 4 Year Program About?:  

    • Entertainment technology is a project based learning program that utilizes multi-media equipment to record and produce audio and video projects.
    • Hands-on activities will promote an interactive learning environment where professional knowledge, skills, and techniques are reinforced by each sequential year's curriculum.

    Once Students Complete Our Program,

    They'll Be Proficient In The Following Areas of Discipline:

    Multiple video and graphic editing platforms that include:

    •  Final Cut X, Motion, Color, and Compressor
    • NEW THIS YEAR: Premiere Pro, After Effects

    Digital audio editing software: 

    • Logic Pro:  Digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software
    • NEW THIS YEAR: Adobe Audition, MainStage

    Students will create graphics, logos, and basic animation using:

    • Photoshop CC
    • NEW THIS YEAR: Illustrator  

    Students will operate field and  equipment that include:

    • 4K Cameras, HDV cameras, Live-streaming, Tripods and dollies, boom and wireless microphones, a Tricaster switcher, and chroma-key using a portable and studio green screen.


     Entertainment Technologies Logo Created by Dan Siriphan Class of 2018