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  • BCPYS Certificate Presentation with Commissioner Hynes

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 4/16/2021

    NJCCVS Award Photo Commissioner Hynes

    This morning in a virtual recognition ceremony, County Commissioner Linda Hynes paid special tribute to a special group of BCIT students who played key roles in the development of a county website that supports key services in the county for local residents. The project was led by BCIT West computer science teacher Joseph Rivera. Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lisa English and Dr. Bobbie Downs, BCSSSD Director of CST and Related Services were among the list of speakers in addition to Commissioner Hynes.  Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy and Dr. Downs serve on the Burlington County Partnership and Youth Services (BCPYS).  This is the culmination of a process of three-years of meeting and website development and is a point of pride for the high school and the community at large. Congratulations

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  • End of the Year Update on BCIT Senior Events

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 4/5/2021
    Pursuant to the recent return to the Orange Level or High altern on the Covid-19 matrix for Burlington County, the administration and advisors have been working on plans to address end of the year senior activities while being mindful of the restricts and social distancing mandates.  The CDC has provided update guidelines as it pertains to moderate levels, but the county because of the higher number of reported Covid-19 cases which do not allow those updated guidelines to be implemented in our schools.
    Please see below key considerations regarding the end of the year events and instructional supports for students. Once finalized, communications will be shared with parents and students.

    Student Remediation at Medford and Westampton Campuses:

    • Teacher Office Hours - Teachers are available each day for support for students.  Typically, teachers will share with their students the office hours for the week/day in the Google Classroom.

    • Friday Project/Support Days - As part of the ABC Hybrid Schedule teachers will set up times for virtual meetings with students upon student request or assigned by the teacher.  These sessions can be utilized to provide clarity regarding the recently instructed content or simply catching up with the teacher on missing work, long term assignments and assessments.

    • ASPIRE - Additional support from BCIT Mathematics staff in the area of Algebra I.

    • Geometry & Algebra II Remediation - BCIT Mathematics staff providing remediation for semester one failures in Algebra II and Geometry. 

    End of the year Senior Events:

    Medford Campus

    • Medford Outdoor Movie Night - May 25th in the student parking lot, BCIT Medford will be hosting an outdoor movie night for our seniors.  There will be food trucks and Mr. Softee Ice Cream for the students to safely enjoy an evening with their classmates.  Currently, a student survey was shared with the seniors to select the movie for the evening.

    • Medford Senior Great Adventure Day - We are coordinating a day trip in May to Six Flags Great Adventure for seniors to enjoy the park and their classmates as we wrap up the school year.  A final date will be shared with students and parents once we have finalized a transportation plan.  The cost of admission will be covered by the students and the school will cover the transportation expenses and possibly the meal voucher.

    • Medford Senior Night - The class advisors and the administrative team are working with the seniors to develop a Senior Night that will be outdoors prior to graduation.  The details of the event have not been finalized at this point, but several ideas have been shared such as food trucks, picture promenade and possible yearbook signing.   The students and the advisors will continue to work out the details for the evening as we return from break.  Information will be shared with the class and the parents once programs are finalized. 

    Westampton Campus

    • PRIDE People’s Choice Awards (virtual)- April 30th

    • Performing Arts & Student Council Talent Show (virtual) - May 12th

    • Student Council Drive-In Movie Event - Friday, May 14th (rain date May 21st)

      • A small reservation fee will be charged for each car to reserve their viewing spot. Student Council will cover the remaining cost of the event. Snack bags will be provided at check-in. 

    • Liberty Lake Picnic -  Friday, June 4th  

      • The Class of 2021 student activity account will offset some of the ticket cost. Students/Parents will be charged the remaining ticket price to attend. School covers transportation costs. 

    • Promenade - Date TBD (*Interest survey currently out for students to respond to determine viability of event)

      • Drive-thru promenade in which students reserve a time slot to come to school dressed up for a photo opportunity. A decorated photo backdrop will be provided, along with music playing. 

    • Senior Day - Friday, May 21st (Project/Support Day) *Tentative*

      • Class advisors and administrative team are in discussions to host a day in which seniors only can come to school and participate in various planned activities (photo video montage, shop talk, snack giveaway, etc). Details of the event are being discussed and worked out. 

    • Senior Sunrise - Date TBD Students will come to campus to watch the sunrise together (*Idea proposed by the senior class officers - currently determining interest level and date)

    • Custom “WesTech Panthers” mask - purchased for each senior 

    • Graduate Lawn SIgns - designed and available for parents to purchase

    Graduation Ceremony Updates for Medford and West Campuses

    • The Medford 2021 Graduation Ceremony will be an outdoor event on Monday, June 21, 2021 that will have approximately six ceremonies scheduled throughout the day of June 21st.  Similar to last year, the ceremonies will be grouped by Career Major to ensure that we meet the protocols set forth by the Governor.  More detailed information will be shared with students and parents at the end of April.

    • The Westampton Graduation Ceremony will be an outdoor event on Monday, June 21st

      • Outdoor event to include multiple ceremonies, grouped by career majors

      • Caps/Gowns/Tassels to be provided by the school

      • A professional photographer will be on hand to take individual photos of each graduate; parents will have the option to purchase. 

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  • New Good Vibes Club Gains National Recognition for Social and Emotional Wellness Student Support

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/29/2021

    Good Vibes Mailbox Image

    Under the direction of advisors Jeff Pennsabene and Christine Brownridge of the newly created Good Vibes Club, their efforts were highlighted in the School Rubric magazine. It is all about spreading positivity, caring and social and emotional connectivity in positive ways.  This is inspirational and awesome. You make us so proud. Please enjoy the article

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  • Board of Education Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/26/2021

    Last night at the March Board of Education meeting, Dr. Nagy recognized those staff who are retiring after a number of years of service to our districts, students and colleagues. This milestone is well deserved. On behalf of the Board, he wished them good health and happiness in your new endeavors.

    Prior to the meeting during the afternoon, Dr. Nagy acknowledged that It is with deep disappointment that the Covid-19 Alert Level in Burlington County has been moved by the BCDOH on the matrix from Moderate and Yellow up to High and Orange based on the spike in Covid cases in the county. This represents a reversal of some of the more hopeful news that we were turning the corner and were anticipating that classroom social distancing could be moved from 6ft to 3ft in classrooms.  Dr. Nagy noted that all in the District are hopeful that this is temporary and that we can make plans to anticipate a return to Yellow, a moderate level which allows for certain restrictions related to social distancing in classrooms to be ameliorated. To this end, the District does not anticipate to change the current BCSSSD schedule where students are on campus each day with early dismissals on three of those days. At BCIT, when able to return to Yellow status, BCIT will be looking to add an optional day for students who elect thus potentially allowing a student to move from an ABC schedule to an AB or AC schedule for students who elect the option.  A survey has been prepared and will be sent out to parents to gage interest when back at the moderate level on the Covid-19 matrix. 

    Both Districts will begin Spring break next Thursday, April 1st and will return on Monday, April 12th.  All are to be mindful of the travel guidelines which are in place and may change given today’s change to high alert level.

    The installation and testing of the Blue Point Alarm system that complies with Alyssa's Law will go live tomorrow at BCIT and soon at BCSSSD after all systems are tested. The law requires that schools have a direct link to the local police stations and when there is an emergency that necessitates a lockdown of the building, a pull station which is located in various parts of the building be pulled to notify police. This could be activated by a staff member, student or administrator.  A one-minute information video will be shared with staff and students will be introduced to this new feature in buildings in case of emergencies.  The same will be done with the BCSSSD staff and students when the system goes live.

     The administration and where applicable, advisors, have been looking at ways to honor seniors, respect CDC, NJDOH and BCDOH social distancing guidelines and travel to allow for a memorable and dignified tribute to our seniors inclusive of outside activities.  The administration is looking at end of the year events such as commencement which may differ at BCIT and BCSSSD. More information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

    BCSSSD & BCIT hosted motivational speaker Mike Regina, who joined Dr. Nagy to speak with District staff about the importance of passion and purpose in their current work in the Districts and the impact teachers make in the lives of students. Mike shared statistics as well as stories that support the important work that our staff members do to make a difference in the lives of the students entrusted to us.

    This week, we were privileged to have join our Academy of Performing Arts students, Narci Regina who is a Dominican-American actress, born and raised in New Jersey. Before pursuing acting, she received a M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology in Brooklyn, NY and enjoyed providing therapy to children with special needs for several years. However, her desires for the arts led her to change professions and train to be a professional actor. Her most recent credits include Guest Star roles on Law & Order: SVU (NBC) and FBI (CBS). She can also be seen co-starring in Blue Bloods (CBS), M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant, for Apple TV and Alternatino with Arturo Castro on Comedy Central. Those students and staff in attendance appreciated Narci’s candid conversation about her journey and words of wisdom.

    Starting next week, the Student Council is sponsoring another Spirit Week. It is called Spirit Week 2.0 under the current pandemic. Interesting activities are being held each day prior to the break. Points will be awarded to respective classes for those who best personify the theme of the day. A prize will be awarded to be exercised at the end of the school year.

    Assistant Superintendent for Equity and Diversity, Dr. Ashanti Holley, is leading a book chat with community members, parents and staff.  The book is entitled:  Tell Me Who You Are. The participants have commented how much they are enjoying the discussions.  Thank you Dr. Holley for this new initiative. 

    April is Autism Awareness Month.  Please be on the lookout on social media and website channels and my blog for interesting facts and innovative ways we are engaging and celebrating our students with exceptionalities.

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  • BCIT Welcomes Home Anthony (ANT) Clemons - Grammy Nominated Singer Writer

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/1/2021

    Ant Clemons

    Grammy nominated artist/songwriter, Anthony (Ant) Clemons, Class of 2009 and Westech Advertising Art and Design CTE student, made a special Zoom presentation to the students and staff at BCIT this morning. Formerly of Willingboro and now lives in Los Angeles, his presentation was a candid discussion of how blessed he was to be able to persevere, be willing to sacrifice and keep his eye on the goal and be true to himself and write, write, write to the top. He has been writing music since his high school days at BCIT and received his first real break in 2018 and the rest is history. He is now one of the recognized up and coming artists and who can boast of collaborations with Timberlake, Beyonce, Cabello, G EazyPharrell, and other popular artists. 


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  • Updated Guidance Provided for Covid-19 Matrix Quarantine, Travel and Vaccinations

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 3/1/2021

    As we look toward spring break travel expectations and time away from school, the district has received updated guidance regarding travel and testing and quarantine. In recent days, the national CDC, DOH and local agencies have provided updated guidance based on the lowering of the COVID-19 matrix from orange status to yellow status.   I am happy to report that the restrictions and number of days required for quarantine have been reduced. It is my hope that over the next few months we can provide additional good news based on the state of the state of the pandemic.  Please see the updated guidelines posted on our website.

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  • Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/26/2021

    At the meeting last night, Dr. Nagy was happy to report that the Board heard the comments of staff and parents and have agreed to have the Zoom meetings be live for Board members with their pictures available to the public to be seen. The Board also heard all of the comments of staff as it pertains to various personnel items. Key issues were addressed immediately by the administration while others are evaluated on a case by case basis in a deliberative and interactive process as it pertains to leaves or working remotely. The union was involved in identifying the severe cases.  The results may not be in agreement with outcomes intended by individuals, but each and every case was addressed on its own merits. 

    As we look toward spring break travel expectations and time away from school, the district has received updated guidance regarding travel and testing and quarantine. In recent days, the national CDC, DOH and local agencies have provided updated guidance based on the lowering of the COVID-19 matrix from orange status to yellow status.   I am happy to report that the restrictions and number of days required for quarantine have been reduced. It is my hope that over the next few months we can provide additional good news based on the state of the state of the pandemic.  Please see the updated guidelines posted on our website and shared with staff.

    The Board approved a number of guest speakers on the agenda and addendum and who will be joining us during the month of March which we is dedicated to Self-Care and Wellness Month:

    Anthony Clemons – Former BCIT West Graduate and Co-writer and performer with Justin Timberlake – See his presentation to the staff and students

    Narci Regina – TV Actress

    Mike Regina – Motivational Speaker

    On the agenda and addendum is the Board approved additional funds received for both school districts from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief II Fund allocation. Much money has been expended on PPE and related safety and security measures under Covid-19. 

    The Board approved the recognition of two action plans to address two recommendations in the annual audit process.

    Dr. Nagy on behalf of the Board, congratulated all those who have announced their retirements and thanked them for their service and dedication to the BCIT and BCSSSD districts and students.  He extended wishes of good health and happiness in their future endeavors. 

    The Board approved a number of policies and regulations. This an ongoing process and revisions pertain to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Board approved the 2021-2022 calendars for the next school year.  Dr. Nagy noted that the Districts have been able to run classes this year on bad weather days remotely, and as a result of the remote option, did not need to add days to the end of year.  This process to prepare the calendar involved the administration, support staff and teacher unions.  Dr. Nagy thanked them for their input and feedback.

    Dr. Nagy in a unanimous decision of the Board on the recommendation of Dr. Nagy, based on the change in the Covid-19 matrix to Yellow from Orange, BCIT will be running the varsity level of athletics for baseball and softball this spring season. The coaches will be executively approved to support the teams. Dr. Nagy commented that hopefully come the fall, all sports will be able to run accordingly and that the respective protections including vaccinations will make all of this possible. He noted that this is a first step as we transition toward some level of normalcy.

    The Board approved Summer camp for this summer which is being planned and will be offered in a virtual and in person schedule barring any changes by the CDC and DOH.

    Dr. Nagy commented that the BCIT Adult Division had a number of announcements.  The Financial Aid process for certain programs is ongoing and will be finalized and advertised through social media channels in the near future.  He congratulated the Dental Assisting Program which received notification this week of full accreditation after a rigorous process, review and study of our programs.  Last, Dr. Nagy noted that the adult division is adding some new programs to address Social Emotional Learning and Google training.  

    Dr. Nagy noted that Medtech did something very special this month in honor of Black History Month.  In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, BCIT Medford is streaming the 14th Annual African American Arts Festival at 10:35am today featuring students from the Academy of Performing Arts, Entertainment Technology, Advertising Art & Design, and Culinary Arts.

    You can catch the performance here:

    BCIT was recognized in an article published this month to honor CTE Month.

    Dr. Nagy noted that the admissions team has been very busy. Up to this point, BCIT has received well over 800 applications so far for next year. This is outstanding news and a reflection of the value placed on CTE and the work we are doing on our campuses. Please visit our district and campus websites.  

    The Office of Equity and Diversity is launching a book club for community members to discuss race, culture and identity. Please visit our website and follow the discussion on social media.

    BCIT is forging industry partnerships with Snap on, Yamaha and others in anticipation of the new programs that will be offered to students this fall. We are very excited about the new additions which will expand our career pathways to more than 33. 

    Our very own Danielle Hartman was featured in an article that addressed the alternate route teacher training and support of our CTE teachers who are transitioning from industry to the classroom. Great work Ms. Hartman.

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  • BCIT Medtech Student Featured on Discover Design

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/9/2021
    Medtech's Architecture & Design student, Evan Crisman, was featured on an architecture site called Discover Design from the Chicago Architecture Center website. His project involved the design of a bus transit shelter for Chicago. This marks another way that our students innovate during this time of disruption. We are so proud of you Evan. Keep up the inspirational and awesome work.
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  • BCIT Partners with Yamaha to Support New CTE Program

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/9/2021

     Yamaha representative with  admin.

    The pandemic may have slowed some down and may have impeded innovation, but not at BCIT. I am proud to announce efforts to create a few new programs for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  Plans are well on the way to create a program dedicated to industrial and recreational small engine technology and mechanics. We are partnering with industry leaders including Yamaha to support this exciting initiative.  I want to thank Dr. Lisa English Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for leading the effort and fostering of business partnerships. Please see our Facebook Post.
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  • BCIT Seeks to Address Social and Emotional Needs of Students and Staff

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/8/2021

    SEL Picture

    The pandemic has been a disruptive force be it in education, but also for each and every student and staff member.  The BCIT administrators, staff, and students are committed to helping one another during these unprecedented times.  Please see how the social and emotional wellbeing is being address in a recent article in TapintoBordentown.

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