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  • Board of Education Meeting Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/24/2023

    In addition to the reports from the student Board of Education representatives, Favour Oyelade for BCIT and Jaxon Keefer for BCSSSD, there was one presentation that focused on an update on the Academy for the Performing Arts on the Medford Campus. Principal Michael Parker introduced Lauren Frazier-Gebhart, dance instructor and Director of Plays and Musicals, Scott Cooney who in turn provided an overview of the programs in music, dance and theatre.  A student representative for each program addressed the Board and audience.  Dr. Nagy extended his gratitude to the instructors for their meritorious efforts and successes in the respective programs to the students Nate Renson saxophonist and mummer, Italy Whitehead and Liam Redford for their instrumental, theatre and dance presentations respectfully. All in attendance were impressed with the student presentations and many accomplishments and next steps in their performing arts career.

    At the Board of Education meeting last evening, Dr. Nagy congratulated all of those on the agenda who have announced their retirements. On behalf of the Board he thanked them for their dedication and wished them good health and happiness.

    Among many actions taken, the Board approved the Perkins V Postsecondary grant amendment and approved the revisions and updates to multiple curricula.

    In addition to the student presentations and highlights, the following are a few additional informational items and Board actions:

    The Board approved the resolution and memorandum of agreement with the BCIT Administrators Association for their Collective Bargaining Agreement for years 2021-2025.  Congratulations. 

    Dr. Nagy noted that as part of Black History Month programming at BCIT, Assistant Superintendent Eder Joseph and he look forward to participating in the Annual Black History Month Read-In. Students, staff and administrators can volunteer to share a song, poem, speech or anything else which shares a message of inspiration and connection to the program.  Dr. Nagy will be featuring excerpts from the book entitled Creative Quest by Questlove who is a 4-time Grammy Award winner, musician, DJ, music producer, executive producer for film and television, culinary entrepreneur, New York Times Best Seller and James Beard Best Seller nominated author and is co-founder of Philadelphia’s own HipHop band Roots which is also the house band for Jimmy Fallon. On both campuses, celebrations such as above, spirit week, African American Arts Festival among many others highlighted key black figures in history who influenced change and celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Dr. Nagy noted that on February 12023 as part of Career and Technical Education Month, BCIT was featured in a brief presentation to the New Jersey Board of Education at their monthly meeting to highlight the exciting work that is being done on BCIT campuses. He thanked BCIT Director of Curriculum and Instruction Danielle Hartman and student Aysenur Turkmenaglu for their contributions on the panel. This was a proud moment for the District and the Board.

    Dr. Nagy was happy to report that this past Thursday afternoon on the West Campus, there was a visit from Assistant Commissioner Dr. Jorden Schiff and Dr. Tory Bunn, Office of Career Readiness Manager from the New Jersey Department of Education. They were so impressed with the presentation at the State Board meeting that they wanted to see and learn more about what BCIT is doing, Students provided tours and shared their experiences with our guests who left inspired and impressed.

    As a follow up to the student report, Dr. Nagy emphasized that history is being made at BCIT West. On Sunday, February 19, 2023, two BCIT West female wrestlers Ziah Loftin and Arabella Sosa qualified to compete in the NJSIAA State Championships this coming Sunday at Phillipsburg High School. They have a very early start and we wish them and the coach great success.

    For those who are following news on our Spring Musical Once on This Island and who listened to the presentation at the Board of Education meeting, the performance opening night is set for March 24th with other performances on March 25, 31 and April 1st.

    Congratulations to all of our athletes who qualified for State Conference Competitions and to Jada Jacobs who scored her 1000th point this month on the Medtech Girls Basketball team.

    On the addendum, the Board approved subcontractors for the Mental Health Grant for BCIT pursuant to the timelines and conditions of the grant.  We are excited for the positive impact that this will have on students and staff alike.

    Dr. Nagy mentioned how proud all are of our students and staff who have found ways to support earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Efforts such as they to collect donations and support worthy causes reflect the importance of giving back, helping those in need and being positive role models. 

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  • District Celebrates National School Counseling Week, Feb. 6–10, 2023

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/6/2023

    This week is a special time to recognize during National School Counseling Week 2023 the theme for the year of which is “School Counseling: Helping Students Dream Big,” sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). There is no better time than now to focus our attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within our district. It takes a village to raise and educate a student today and over the past few years, in particular during the pandemic, the social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff alike are and have been supported by our school counseling team members.  We thank them for their tireless dedication and efforts to support the overall wellbeing and overall success of our students to realize their dreams and potential. 

    Please join me in thanking our counselors for the special role that they play in our daily lives in the district. Thank you.  Well done counselors!

    National School Counseling Week

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  • BCIT Celebrates CTE Month with Presentation to NJ State Board of Education

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/2/2023

    I was honored to present at the NJDOE State Board of Education meeting yesterday as part of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month a glimpse of the future in education in an age of acceleration, immersive technology and enhanced executive brain functioning and how BCIT is preparing students for that world as we move toward the 22nd Century. The disruption that technology has created provides an opportunity to provide students with agency to create and participate in the future where they want to be. According to the Institute of the Future, 85% of jobs that today's students will hold in 2030, do not exist yet. 

    The Age of AccelerationDental StudentGroup Screenshot

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  • Our Schools Celebrate Black History Month

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 2/1/2023

    During the month of February, our schools have dedicated lessons, projects, clubs and building level celebrations to celebrate the annual Black History Month, highlighting music, dance and poetry performed by students and staff to capture the incredible impact that African Americans have made on American history and whose legacy, literature, historical figures and music among others continue to be so relevant to our times. 

    This is the third year under the direction of Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ashanti Holley to celebrate equity and diversity and the promotion of constructive conversations around respect and celebrating cultural diversity and traditions.  This work includes our student and staff equity champions.  

    The Board of Education has chosen as an ongoing goal to support a focus on equity and diversity and articulation across programs, curricula and student life on all of our campuses. The students and staff are commended for the planning of creative and moving expressions of art and literature to honor a select number of great Black Americans.


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  • Board of Education Meeting Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 1/27/2023

    At the Board of Education meeting last evening, Assistant Superintendents Dr. Holley and Mr. Joseph for BCSSSSD and BCIT respectively, provided an overview for the first half of the year school year regarding the Student Safety Data System (SSDS) which addresses student behavior, interventions, Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying. We appreciate the work that all staff do to maintain a safe environment and efforts to address intolerable behaviors. The data reports are on the website.

    Dr. Nagy thanked County Executive Superintendent Raymond Marini who sits on our Board and his team in the County NJDOE offices for a very constructive, informative and progressive Midyear Budget Meeting for both districts this past week. The Board can be very proud of the progress being made.

    Dr. Nagy and the Board congratulated all of those on the agenda who have announced their retirements. We thank you for your dedication and wish you good health and happiness for a well-deserved honor.

    The Board approved a few job descriptions for approval and tabled the Exhibit #2 job description. One description is for a Data System Administrator which will replace our current data administrator position which is now updated.  The Admission Data Coordinator replaces a current position in the admissions office as the roles and responsibilities have been expanded. As part of the process we are also abolishing a few positions in the central office. We also have on the agenda a job description for the Grant Project Coordinator for the $1.8 million SAMHSA Grant for Health and Wellbeing of staff and students.

    The Board approved a number of policies for first and second readings, revisions as well as the abolishment of other policies.

    The  Board approved the BCIT and BCSSSD calendars for the 2023-2024 school year.

    The Board approved the Statement of Assurances for Paraprofessional Staff and the Career and Technical Education Safety and Health Plans for both districts.

    Dr. Nagy noted that a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute was celebrated across all campuses this past week leading into the holiday on Monday.

    On behalf of the entire school communities of BCIT and BCSSSD Dr. Nagy and the administration, staff and those in the audience took a moment to recognize the contributions of our Board members.  Dr. Nagy thanked each and every one of the Board of Education members for their tireless service on our Board of Education as part of the Board Member Recognition Month. He presented each with a certificate of appreciation and acknowledgement of the years on a school Board.  There was a resolution which recognized the members of the Board and their years of service:

    Tyler Burrell, President                       2 years

    Robert Brittain, Vice President.        14 years

    Odise Carr                                          1 year

    Leon E. Jones, Jr.                              14 years

    Lorene Moore                                   12 years

    Michelle Parker                                 3 years

    Dr. Nagy thanked the student representative Favour Oyelade for her student report  last evening and for the honor she received to be selected as a feature senior spotlight for the Month of December by Assemblyman Umba. Dr. Nagy highlighted a few items on the student report:

    Each year the campuses celebrate Spirit Week.  As we move toward the post-pandemic period, it is all the more important to be together, celebrate each other’s talents and compete in a healthy arena of competition.

    It is hard to believe that the Spring musical is around the corner and auditions have begun. Stay tuned for more on Once on This Island.

    We congratulate all those who were honored as National Art Honor Society Inductees.

    Dr. Nagy congratulated the outstanding best efforts and honor bestowed on Zaire Williams for the second highest score on the West Bowling team and our Basketball Team on the West campus for the undefeated season and a personal best by Tahijj Hunter. Medford’s girls basketball player Jada Jacobs was 1 of 26 selected at McDonald’s All-American nominees. Many of the boys and girls on the wrestling team on the Westampton Campus placed in a recent tournament and Senior Marima Sow took 2nd Place in the girl’s tournament. Congratulations.

    BCIT will be represented at the NJDOE State Board meeting next week on February 1st where we will capture some of the technological innovations introduced over the past few years at BCIT as part of a celebration across the State for Career and Technical Education (CTE)Month.

    Dr. Nagy acknowledged in the audience a member of the BCIT West security team, James Pitts. Dr. Nagy asked that he and Veldon Harris, the Director of Security stand.  The security staff received training the day before the Board Meeting on CPR and the heimlich maneuver. On the day of the Board of Education meeting, a student was choking on a meatball at lunch and James performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the meatball saving the student’s life. The Board and all those present commended Director Veldon Harris for arranging the training and to James Pitts for his heroic and responsive efforts.   

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  • The Quintessential Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remembered

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 1/16/2023

    Today there will be no school to honor the pioneering work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is remembered more than 50 years later after his death. Students on all campuses have engaged in writing exercises, videos, speeches, and artwork to commemorate the life of Dr. King.  In an era without the assistance of social media, Dr. King influenced the nation before his life was prematurely taken.  One of his defining moments was when he led a march and protest in Washington, D.C. in 1963 among other protests to promote nonviolent awareness regarding racial inequality. He is best known among many speeches for his "I have a Dream Speech" which addressed injustice and served as a challenge to respect one another and treat all equally.  The following year in 1964, Dr. King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against racial inequality.  

    We are very proud of the efforts of Dr. Ashanti Holley, Assistant Superintendent who has created a pathway across the district to inform, engage in dialogue, incorporate in the hiring processes as well as integrate in curriculum and instruction a conversation about equity and diversity.  Dr. Holley continues to train students and staff to be Equity Champions and is leading the implementation of the strategic plan for equity and diversity.  Pursuant to a district focus and articulation, each month key topics and celebrations support the District's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Dr. King's civil rights movement is a defining moment in United States history and his message is very important and relevant more so than ever today that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and defines the importance of ending racial inequality. 

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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  • BCIT West Graduate Featured on ABC 6 News for Return Kindness Campaign

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 1/3/2023

    During the winter break, BCIT West alumnus and member of the Year 2000 graduating class and resident in South Jersey, Troy Green, was featured by ABC 6 News on the work of his non-profit "Return Kindness" which reflects his mission to pay it forward to those in need and to spread acts of kindness to change mindsets and to make the day of others a little easier while encouraging others to do the same.  We are proud of Troy's work and the role model he plays to all of us to be kinder and to pay it forward. Congratulations Troy.   

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  • Board of Education Agenda Highlights

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 12/21/2022

    At the Board of Education meeting last night, Dr. Nagy wished all of the staff, students, family and friends of our school districts a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. It's noted how good it is to be back to in person learning and engagement in day to day operations. He noted how much we have to be grateful for while keeping an eye on the future.

    The Board approved some resignations and retirements and a number of new hires. The Board wished the retirees good health and happiness and congratulations for all of the contributions they made to our districts. 

    Dr. Nagy thanked the BCIT and central administration for their work to create a BCIT Senior Early Release Proposal which the Board approved at the meeting. Having met various requirements in their senior year for graduation, a student may pursue college courses or be released for a non-school to work program.  The student must be in good standing.

    • BCIT is accepting nominations for inductee candidates to the Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement. Please see our BCIT homepage or social media for the application or recommendation process.
    • We had the honor of celebrating all of the BCIT Teachers of the Year and Educational Services Professionals of the Year on December 9th. Congratulations to all of our winners on being selected by your peers to receive the title of Educator of the Year! Please see my blog for the list of honorees and a little bit about each.
    • BCIT has been awarded $1.8 million in a Behavioral and Mental Health Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with the help of Congressman Andy Kim and the major efforts of our administrative team. This grant will be used to support our efforts to expand support to students and staff for mental health and trauma-informed services.
    • Congratulations to the BCIT WesTech and MedTech students who were inducted into the National Honor Society this month! We would like to congratulate them on this achievement.
    • Please join us as we congratulate the BCIT MedTech students who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society this month on receiving this recognition!
    • We hosted the BCIT Fall PAC Dinner, where Program Advisory Committee members were treated to a delicious dinner prepared and served by the MedTech Culinary Arts students before they participated in breakout sessions to continue to strengthen the programs that we offer to BCIT students. Burlington Chevrolet was named as the 2022 BCIT Business Partner of the Year and representatives from Burlington Chevrolet were on hand to accept the award.
    • Ariela Cambronero Fernandez, a 2022 WesTech Veterinary Technology graduate, who is now studying at Delaware Valley University, was accepted into the Vet Up program at Perdue, a six-week-long residential summer program at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is only one of 26 students accepted into the program.
    • Nathan Renson, a 12th Grade Instrumental Music Major in the BCIT Medford Academy of Performing Arts and National Honor Society member at MedTech, organized a Toy Drive for Kelly's Kids (created by Bob Kelly from Fox 29) with the South Philly String Band and the members of BCIT Medford National Honor Society Chapter. MedTech NHS collected over 20 toys which were donated to St. Christopher's Children's Hospital in Philadelphia on Saturday. Great job, everyone!
    • Congratulations to Marissa Horner, BCIT APA 9th Grade Instrumental Music Major, for being accepted to All South Jersey Symphonic Band on clarinet. 
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  • Governor Educator of Year Honorees Announced on BCIT Campuses

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 12/9/2022

    Throughout the morning today, Board of Education President Tyler Burrell and Board Vice President Robert Brittain accompanied Superintendent Dr. Christopher Nagy, Assistant Superintendents Dr. Holley and Mr. Joseph and building level administrators on a walk across all campuses to announce, in person, the winners of the Governor's Educator of the Year Awards for 2022-2023.  Each honoree received a bouquet of flowers from the Board and will be honored at a County Program.  A representative in each category from the District will be forwarded to the NJDOE to be considered for the County Teacher of the Year selection process.  The categories are for Teacher of the Year and Educational Services Professional of the Year.

    On behalf of the Board of Education and administration, I would like to extend to our honorees, heartfelt congratulations. There is no greater honor than to be recognized by one's own colleagues for their dedication, passion to make a difference in the lives of children and students, contributions to the District and value he/she brings to the team of professionals in the building.  This is an honor well deserved and brings joy to the individuals and the profession. Congratulations!  Please learn more about our 2022-2023 honorees below.

    Teachers of the Year

    Victoria Danser - Medford Campus – History

    Victoria Danser is a caring history teacher. She prides herself on making all the students in her class feel safe and creating a conducive learning environment. She is the school’s PRIDE advisor, making sure students get recognized for various reasons. She organizes students of the month, student athlete of the month, most improved student, and Smart Jag nominations. She is also the Class of 2023 Advisor and works hard to make events enjoyable for the senior students. In previous years, Victoria has helped her colleagues by being a Google PLT trainer. She did this for two years. She was also the cheer coach for many years as well as class advisor for a previous class for the entire four years. Victoria attends many school functions and volunteers her time to help out around the school.

    Rachel Porter - Westampton Campus – Math

    Rachel has the respect and admiration of her students. Rachel earned this respect and admiration by serving as a role model for her students and always having the best interests of her students in mind. She gained respect by treating students equitable, holding them to high standards, and being consistent in class management. She goes beyond interacting with students on an instructional level and works to make sure their emotional needs are met as well. This teacher regularly collaborates with other teachers and school staff.

    Educational Services Professionals of the Year 

    Joseph Palazzo - Medford Campus – Teacher's Aide, Auto Collision Repair

    Joe is very dependable and is always willing to cover classes whenever he is asked. He gets along well with the staff and students in the shop. He has been with BCIT since 2009. He spent his first year at West before transferring to Medford in 2010. He was a Teacher's Aide in Building Trades for his first year in Medford before moving to Mr. Jaworski's shop where he has been for over 10 years. 

    Sherry LaRocca - Westampton Campus – Teacher's Aide, Cosmetology

    Sherry has worked at BCIT for almost 22 years. She has worked with the cosmetology career major students as well as academic students. She gets to know as many students as she can throughout BCIT and is always ready to jump in and help anywhere and anyone. She is well versed in all aspects of the career major. Sherry has a personality that students trust and gravitate toward. Sherry is supportive, kind, dedicated and gives her all each and every day she is here. Sherry is very deserving of this recognition for the hard work and effort she gives on a daily basis. Our cosmetology program would not be what it is today without her!

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  • BCIT Awarded $1.8 Million in Behavioral and Mental Health Grant

    Posted by Dr. Nagy on 12/6/2022

    An announcement in an Insider NJ communication noted that BCIT is the recipient of over $1.8 million in a Behavioral and Mental Health Grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services with the help of Congressman Andy Kim to promote our efforts to expand support to students and staff for mental health and trauma informed services. This is timely and so important. We are grateful and honored that BCIT's educational community will benefit.

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