Board of Education Meeting Highlights

Posted by Dr. Nagy on 1/27/2023

At the Board of Education meeting last evening, Assistant Superintendents Dr. Holley and Mr. Joseph for BCSSSSD and BCIT respectively, provided an overview for the first half of the year school year regarding the Student Safety Data System (SSDS) which addresses student behavior, interventions, Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying. We appreciate the work that all staff do to maintain a safe environment and efforts to address intolerable behaviors. The data reports are on the website.

Dr. Nagy thanked County Executive Superintendent Raymond Marini who sits on our Board and his team in the County NJDOE offices for a very constructive, informative and progressive Midyear Budget Meeting for both districts this past week. The Board can be very proud of the progress being made.

Dr. Nagy and the Board congratulated all of those on the agenda who have announced their retirements. We thank you for your dedication and wish you good health and happiness for a well-deserved honor.

The Board approved a few job descriptions for approval and tabled the Exhibit #2 job description. One description is for a Data System Administrator which will replace our current data administrator position which is now updated.  The Admission Data Coordinator replaces a current position in the admissions office as the roles and responsibilities have been expanded. As part of the process we are also abolishing a few positions in the central office. We also have on the agenda a job description for the Grant Project Coordinator for the $1.8 million SAMHSA Grant for Health and Wellbeing of staff and students.

The Board approved a number of policies for first and second readings, revisions as well as the abolishment of other policies.

The  Board approved the BCIT and BCSSSD calendars for the 2023-2024 school year.

The Board approved the Statement of Assurances for Paraprofessional Staff and the Career and Technical Education Safety and Health Plans for both districts.

Dr. Nagy noted that a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute was celebrated across all campuses this past week leading into the holiday on Monday.

On behalf of the entire school communities of BCIT and BCSSSD Dr. Nagy and the administration, staff and those in the audience took a moment to recognize the contributions of our Board members.  Dr. Nagy thanked each and every one of the Board of Education members for their tireless service on our Board of Education as part of the Board Member Recognition Month. He presented each with a certificate of appreciation and acknowledgement of the years on a school Board.  There was a resolution which recognized the members of the Board and their years of service:

Tyler Burrell, President                       2 years

Robert Brittain, Vice President.        14 years

Odise Carr                                          1 year

Leon E. Jones, Jr.                              14 years

Lorene Moore                                   12 years

Michelle Parker                                 3 years

Dr. Nagy thanked the student representative Favour Oyelade for her student report  last evening and for the honor she received to be selected as a feature senior spotlight for the Month of December by Assemblyman Umba. Dr. Nagy highlighted a few items on the student report:

Each year the campuses celebrate Spirit Week.  As we move toward the post-pandemic period, it is all the more important to be together, celebrate each other’s talents and compete in a healthy arena of competition.

It is hard to believe that the Spring musical is around the corner and auditions have begun. Stay tuned for more on Once on This Island.

We congratulate all those who were honored as National Art Honor Society Inductees.

Dr. Nagy congratulated the outstanding best efforts and honor bestowed on Zaire Williams for the second highest score on the West Bowling team and our Basketball Team on the West campus for the undefeated season and a personal best by Tahijj Hunter. Medford’s girls basketball player Jada Jacobs was 1 of 26 selected at McDonald’s All-American nominees. Many of the boys and girls on the wrestling team on the Westampton Campus placed in a recent tournament and Senior Marima Sow took 2nd Place in the girl’s tournament. Congratulations.

BCIT will be represented at the NJDOE State Board meeting next week on February 1st where we will capture some of the technological innovations introduced over the past few years at BCIT as part of a celebration across the State for Career and Technical Education (CTE)Month.

Dr. Nagy acknowledged in the audience a member of the BCIT West security team, James Pitts. Dr. Nagy asked that he and Veldon Harris, the Director of Security stand.  The security staff received training the day before the Board Meeting on CPR and the heimlich maneuver. On the day of the Board of Education meeting, a student was choking on a meatball at lunch and James performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the meatball saving the student’s life. The Board and all those present commended Director Veldon Harris for arranging the training and to James Pitts for his heroic and responsive efforts.